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Retrieval Method Google Adsense Account

Lesson today talking about how Google AdSense account recovery after it was banned.

Many of us have been subjected to close their account by Google, which is strict somewhat, perhaps because of illegal keystrokes or abuse, but today we have magic formula which will enable us to retrieve the account by a large margin.

We have two ways:

The first way:

All there is to it the message we send to the technical support for Google to respond after several hours,
First you must remove the irregularities if available in your site,this is the email

We send this message to the e-mail above:

we delete the ads and we delete the entire script, which was advertising
and I not know that this thing is contrary to the policy and piece all the things you change the active
To conform with the presentation of Adsense ads I hope you to kindly reconsider Active mentioned
Alert me above if you need to do in that to the piece I hope you re-open

appearance Announcements and thank you and your services

This Privacy Policy:
we do not allow the existence of any material in violation of
property rights as pirated software
Or dredgers and Alcyrialat or movies or songs, so when Mshahdtkm for
Materials in one of our pages, please contact us in order to take the
necessary action as soon as possible and
Thank you

The second way:

Get to the site: here ,
But first make sure that your site is free from irregularities, enter all information,

 * Publisher ID found in the deactivation message sent to you in e-mail,

After completing the application wait to be reviewing your account, We wishing you retrieve your account,

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