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Google Adsense Quick Approval Tips

Google Adsense is one of the most suitable ways to earn money online. Adsense is the no. 1 pay per click advertising program. Every people who want to earn money from online, have a dream to earn from Adsense. That’s why some people apply many illegal ways to earn from Adsense. So Adsense has strict approval rules for reducing fake accounts. That’s why sometimes some real application becomes disapproved. Here I have listed some necessary things you must see before applying Adsense.

Domain name: It is very necessary what domain you are using for Adsense approval. The domain should be your own. Try to ignore sub domain. It is not seems that they always disapprove subdomain, but subdomain has very low approval rate. It seems that .tk and have very low approval rate.

Content: Content is the king of a site. Your content must be unique and original. Google prefers site or blog with unique and original high quality valuable content. Don’t put any adult content or any other content that violates Adsense terms. Copy content from other site is very bad to Google.

Traffic: Google accept you when they found something for them on your site or blog. If they think it’s not profitable then they will not approve your account. So traffic is very important for your Adsense approval and earning. If you have real traffic then you will get fast approval.

Age: Is age does matter for fast approval? Yes, age does matter for Adsense approval. Some people think it’s not necessary, but I really appreciate you wait at least six month for applying Adsense. It’s make reliability to Google. Your site should exist for some time to approve easily. You can do proper use of your existing time by increasing your traffic.

True Information: Please don’t do any mistake providing real information. Adsense team will check your information with your domain whois information. If they find anything wrong then they will not allow your account. Don’t use any nick name or fraud name. Because after approval Google will send you cheque with your nick name and then you cannot change your name. So provide your real information.

At last I want to say that be patience, don’t do any wrong. Apply with a right process. Many people say that they can approve your account within 10 minutes. This is not good to collect Adsense account from other.


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