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How to Bypass Google Drive Transfer Quota Exceeded | Fix Google Download LIMITED

Google Drive Transfer Quota Exceeded Issue:

From time to time, when trying to download a file from Google Drive, you might see an error message saying “Download quota exceeded, so you can’t download this file at this time” or “Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.”. Here’s how to bypass that message and download what you want:

Google Drive Quota Bypass Method:

  1. Log into your Google account, if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to Google Drive, and click “My Drive” in the sidebar.
  3. Make a new folder in your drive, it doesn’t matter what you name it.
  4. Go to the quota's folder, and right click on whatever you want to download and press “Add Shortcut to Drive”.
  5. Navigate to “My Drive” and then to the folder you made, then press “Add Shortcut”.
  6. Go to “My Drive” on the sidebar, then right click the folder you made and press “Download”.
  7. A zip file will be made with the file(s) you selected. 
  8. Enjoy!

Youtube Video Tutorial:

If you aren’t understanding the Step By Step guide then please watch this video tutorial.