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Grounds for refusal of Google Adsense to your request

Complain that many of the publishers of the service Google Adsense with reason non-acceptance of their demands and not to respond , and for this i put this post to alert you and explain the reasons for not accepting applications or even respond it, and this headnotes of the problems you are experiencing and facing  Adsense workers and an obstacle also to activate your account.

First: your address wrong and unformatted, for this to get away from title errors take your electricity bill and write what you find the address on the registration card with considerateness the sequence regions because it is important to receive payments and the security code PIN.
Second: the large number of requests and congestion, for this the response to your message will be difficult on the part of Google experts.

Third: you have enabled account with the same name of the payee and for this beware Google will closing your account because it scams.
Fourth: your site is not active and is not eligible for this service ,and for this you must before ordering put some posts on your blog/websites and revitalized as much as possible.
Fifth: your site has a Google Adsense by hosting and contains a lot of ads similar to Adsense.
Sixth: your site contains an abuse such as ( Adult content , Copyrighted material , Hacking and cracking content...etc. ) For more information about this , please read Prohibited content.
Seventh: and is a low probability, errors in the registry and registration is incorrect.

Please read AdSense program policies.

Good luck!!


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