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How To Get Approved Google Adsense Easily

Actually, Google Adsense is the best free way to earn lot of money. because it easy to use and owners can keeping target ads from Google ads and getting earning by every clicks. If you have quality and unique content in your blog, you can earn more.

There have lot of advertising campaigns, but in my opinion Adsense easy and best.

Adsense Tips for getting approval.
Your website must good quality unique contents
First we have focus to quality of your content. if you don't have quality content, keep writing quality content. don't copy paste articles from other sites.don't include any program that violate Adsense program. Try to apply Adsense with 50 quality post.

Buy a Top Level domain.
Buy a top level domain for your blog, Its another requirement to approve Adsense. So try to buy top level domain like .com domain.

Get more quality traffic to your blog.
Before applying Adsense you must ensure about how much you get traffic. don't use any click exchange programs or payed traffic services. Just try to get natural traffic.

Create Privacy policy page.
You can create privacy policy page for your site. There have lot of site help you to create privacy policy page.
try with it and create new page and link with menu-bar.

Your website must fully launched.
Before applying adsense , you have to make sure your website gadget, widgets and other pages are arrange neatly. please ensure that before applying its live and functioning properly.

Use Real Personal Details
When you applying Adsense always use your real personal details.Some time Google Adsense team checking your domain Whose database with your personal details. Use your real name to payee name , because if you get approved Adsense then your payment cheques come with your payee name.If you used other name
you cannot change your cheque.

I think you got some idea about approving Adsense. This is my can try it. It is easy way to earn money. If you got approved you can add ads to your website. Hope this help.


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