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What is Page Rank?

Page Rank and how to increase the level of your site to appear in search engines.

How to calculate the Page Rank when Google?Google depends on their account on the complex operations of its own, and is divided Page Rank to 10 times, from 0 to 10, where the grade 10 be the best rated in Google.

ExampleSuppose that we have a theme we would like to find in the search engine Google, which is: "how to build websites," When you enter the title and click on the "Search" will show a lot of results and sometimes you find the same title in two sites, but notes that the first site on the first page, and the second site in another page!

Why show one on the first page and the other in another page, although the theme is the same?!
Interpretation of this is that the site on the first page has a high Page Rank, and the second site in another page has a low Page Rank, so page rank affect the number of visits to your site from a search engine.

How to tell page rank for your site?You can find this out from going to the following URL:Page Rank checker
Enter the address of any site in the space, and then press Check PR.

How to increase the Page Rank of your site?It depends on the quantity of links leading to your site from other sites, for example, if you type an article in any forum and was part of this article discusses some images or links that lead to enter your site, it is useful for your site, and you can also put a link of your site in one of the sites that have high page rank.



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