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Create an RSS Feed for Your Blogger

RSS feeds:

It is a service that enables visitor to follow the latest news favorite positions in one place and feed the idea to pursue and bring all the new threads of my favorite sites for people without a visit every time.

Links RSS feed:

It is a links that shows all posts and can be used as a map for your site or blog, where on this form.

Where the first link represents Atom feeds and the second link RSS Syndication
To view topics in the form of a brief blog entries, What you should only add variable Summary where the      link becomes this form.

To view the complete Entries, use Full variable to become like this.

With changing the color of red link your blog.

Mode threads with a specific label:

This feature is very important for the sites or blogs that contain multiple partitions, which makes visiting the follow-up threads of the new department who wants, for example, there is a code includes several sections: Lessons Internet, software, programs ... and I as a visitor what's important is the Programs section, not care about the other sections the one who will only do I subscribe to this section. preview it in my blog there is an icon next to each label, in the list of "sections of the Code", when pressed, displays only the issues concerning that section, which is to be on this form. widget widget

With changing the color of red in the name of the department or label what color blue link your blog.

Extracts Comments:

These links responsible for the show last Comments Blog it be like this

With changing the color of red link your blog.

Comments extracts to a specific topic:

With changing the color of red link your blog and the color of  blue identification number entry.
Use these links to display the comments concerning a particular topic of the Code by selecting the identification number entry, and for this figure turn to edit messages and then choose one Postings by clicking on Edit, then we copy ID of link browser which is on this form: postID = 8819262650497926670.

                                  Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.


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