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5 Simple Ways to increase the number of visitors

Maybe tried a lot of ways to increase the number of visitors at your site but to no avail You are not the only one there is a lot with this problem may be that you tried most of the methods deployed a publish your posts in forums and social networking sites, but without the benefit when complete this will know what the mistakes that made you fail to bring visitors.

1 - Publish topics of interest and information

You do not need to write every day so you can write 3 times a week so be so serious about writing good because the threads will attract visitors and make a repeat visit to the site or blog is an option when you write with the benefit of the reader to always ask the question:
What I will present the interest in this topic?

2 - Write about yourself
You do not need to share everything about your life, but the reader wants to see people actually do behind the threads with reference to the simple things about you or to the work I've done and what you love or hate.

3 - Encourage the reader
Ask your readers to comment on the forums and reply to comments, and interact with them in the social networking sites and add topics for readers in Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus.

4 - to comment on blogs and forums
Be a friend of all do always interact in the domain that you write when you can be looking for some of the blogs in the specialty of your site, and comment on topics, for example writing (the thread is superb and worth reading) and add them to your buddy list, and ask for the new is how trained to interact with what you write and share your experiences .

5 - use the buttons post
Always insert the buttons to participate Twitter and Facebook, and others listed in your posts and phrase refers to the use of buttons for your support and interaction of visitors with threads and remember if you have not drawn the attention of visitors will not do so.


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