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How to Get Unlimited Followers on Facebook For Free

In this tutorial I am going to show you an awesome trick that How to get unlimited  likes on Facebook status and comments for free, with this simple trick you can get unlimited fb likes on your posts, photos, comments and more 100% free and safe.
How to Get Unlimited Followers on Facebook For Free
1. Login into Facebook account
2. Open your Privacy Facebook Setting [HERE] and set your permission of 'Who can send you friend requests?' to 'EVERYONE'.
3. Go to → Auto Follower .
4. If you are using this auto follower for the first time you have to allow permission to the App.
5. Now get access token.
6. After that COPY PASTE URL in address bar and click submit.
7. Skip all Ads ( Ignore them ).
8. Click on " Sent Followers NOW...! ".
9. Check your profile and Enjoy. ;)

If you aren’t understanding the Step By Step guide then please watch this video tutorial.


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  1. [-( [-( cannot get access token

    1. Sorry for the late,
      If you got this error " invalid platform session found and the token URL doesn't show up".
      You have to use "Alternate Login'', see this:

  2. [-( [-( cannot get access token

  3. Thanks for the post. Im a big fan of the blog, i've even put a little bookmark right on the tool bar of my Firefox you'll be happy to find out!
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