Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Add Facebook Like Button Below Post Titles


How To Add Facebook Like Button In Blogger

1. Please download your template previously

2. Go To Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
3. Click the "Expand Widgets Templates" Box
4. Search for this,


5. Just above it paste the code below,

<iframe allowTransparency='true' expr:src='&quot;http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=&quot; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;layout=button_count&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=100&amp; action=like&amp;font=arial&amp;colorscheme=light&quot;' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:100px; height:20px;'/>

6. Save your template and you are done!

Visit your blog to see it working just fine just below post titles.


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  3. Thank you so much, I am looking for it, also add a twitter share button too.

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