Friday, September 28, 2012

Add Twitter Fan Box For Blogger


Now we will learn how to put to the Twitter fan box on your blog in a way that is very easy and simple.
1. Login to your blogger dashboard--> Layout-->'Add A Gadget'
2. Choose Html/Javascript Gadget and paste the following code into the area provided :

<!-- Twitter Follower Box -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
function fanbox_init(screen_name){document.getElementById('twitterfanbox').innerHTML='\<iframe name=\"fbfanIFrame_0\" frameborder=\"0\" allowtransparency=\"true\" src=\"'+screen_name+'\" class=\"FB_SERVER_IFRAME\" scrolling=\"no\" style=\"width: 295px; height: 250px; border-top-style: none; border-right-style: none; border-bottom-style: none; border-left-style: none; border-width: initial; border-color: initial; \"\>\<\/iframe\>';}
<div id="twitterfanbox"></div><script
<!-- End Twitter Follower Box -->

*Replace bbloggertutorials With your twitter username

4- Save HTML/Javascript you are done.

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