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Add Your Blog To Search Engines :Yahoo,Bing,Ask

When you create a blog or site will be published on the Google search engine and when it is archived Google end up for thee.

Located in this mistake a lot of us, no one thinks publishing his blog on the rest of other search engine and I mean (Bing, Yahoo, Ask),
Despite that Google controls 60% of the users of search  engine, but 40% of other not mocking them are in the millions of users also have these sites people saved her and do not use other, do not you think me that loss of wasting all those potential visitors?

I'll show you how easy and uncomplicated to add a map to your website or blog to these sites.As I said we will create a XML sitemap and we send them to these engines are indexing your blog and archived to become you there.

We will divide it in 3 stages to complete the task:

1- Create XML sitemap: and for this purpose there are several sites to choose this site

Enter your link and do not change anything in the settings, and then click on Start.

Get map link: After the completion of the first process will show us many links choose which link sitemap.xml that thing for taking the first phase a few minutes depending on the number of threads forums, pressing the right mouse button and choose Copy link address.

Now we'll publish this map on other search engines: Each search engine has its own link we'll put a link map that we extracted and we send it.

Must end link Sitemap with XML .

This is an example of the link which will send it: 




When you enter the link message will appear telling you that the process of adding sitemap was successful, and thus have you joined the largest 4 engines on the Internet and you get the opportunities visitors whom have risen dramatically.

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